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Register yourself for the DevHouse Boston 5 event (December 7, 2008).


The "secret" password for editing this page is D3vB0st0n! including the exclamation point at the end.


Step 1: Copy the following text.


**Name:** Your Name
**Email:** your@email.com
**Website:** http://yoursite.com/
**Skills:** Your Skills

Step 2: Edit this page and add yourself to the list of people.




Name: David Nunez

Email: david@davidnunez.com

Website: http://davidnunez.com/ or http://www.delamaquina.com

Skills: Art software (OpenFrameworks, Processing, PureData, Fluxus, etc), Cocoa / Objective-C, iPhone Dev, exhibit design, multitouch tables, robotic puppets, microcontrollers - dorkbot-boston


Name: Carlisia Campos

Email: carlisia @ gmail.com

Website: http://carlisia.info

Skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, C#


Name: Jon Pierce (betahouse)

Email: first name at jonpierce.com

Website: http://jonpierce.com and http://betahouse.org

Skills: Web apps with Ruby / Rails, Python / Django, JavaScript, Java, etc.


Name: Nate Aune (Jazkarta)

Email: natea (at) jazkarta (dot) com

Website: http://nateaune.com and http://jazkarta.com

Skills: Python, Plone, Zope, Django, EC2, Google App Engine


Name: Yair Marcow

Email: yair at mavenomics punto com

Website: http://www.mavenomics.com

Skills: C++, rusty Java, current C#, perl, SQL, Econ/Finance, server, UI, design, testing, docs, whatever

(various crises... hoping to make the next one)


Name: Jason Morrison

Email: jason.p.morrison@gmail.com, bring on the spam

Website: blog tweet during the day at nights

Skillz: Ruby, Rails, CBM BASIC, science, good looks.


Name: Mac Cowell

Email: Mac@diybio.org

Website: http://diybio.org

Skills: Big Talking, pretending to know rails, diy-science


Name: Jay Neely


Website: Social Strategist - Innovation, Communication, Consulting

Skills: Copywriting, HTML/CSS, gopher-ing

(Realized it conflicted with a friend's St. Nick's party. Sorry guys. Happy hacking!)


Name: Jeff Dlouhy

Email: jeff.dlouhy at gmail.com

Website: http://jeffd.org

Skills: Objective-C / Cocoa, Python / Django, Hunts & Traps Social Media Consultants in the wild so watch out.


Name: Ivan Kirigin

Email: ivan@tipjoy.com

Website: http://tipjoy.com

Skills: Django, Python


Name: Paul Irish

Email: holler AT {my name} dot com

Website: http://paulirish.com , http://aurgasm.us

Skills: front-end, ux, usability, interaction, javascript, jquery, css


Name: Ben Ortega

Email: phivetacos at gmail dot com

Website: http://phivetacos.blogspot.com, http://patooki.com

Skills: BizDev, Connector, Wireline & Wireless Networking, New App Ideas


Name: Ben Mauer

Email: ben at quilted dot coop

Website: http://quilted.coop

Skills: Web design, graphic design, user experience, web strategy, cooperatives / cooperative business models, CSS, XHTML, ideas, standards-based design


Name: Topher Cyll

Email: christophercyll at gmail dot com

Website: http://cyll.org

Interests: I love hacking on mobile applications, music software, and games.


Name: Brett Stilwell

Email: "%s%s@gmail.com" % ("brett", "stil")

Skills: django, flash/flex


Name: John Resig

Email: jeresig@gmail.com

Website: http://ejohn.org/

Skills: JavaScript


Name: Aaron White

Email: wyrmwood@gmail.com

Website: http://aaronwhite.tumblr.com/ http://www.doink.com

Skills: Java, Python, JavaScript, SML, visions of a brighter future

Interests: I'd love to brainstorm something useful & small (microsite-ish) onsite, with some smart folks.


Name: Joe Slag

Email: "%s@%s" % ("joe", "slagwerks.com")

Website: slagwerks.com

Skills: a smattering of web development and sysadmin stuff

(bailing due to work crisis. have fun.)


Name: David House

Email: house (at) bu (dot) edu

Skills: C++/#, Carbon, iPhone app development, image segmentation & object tracking systems


Name: Jace Cooke

Email: jace dot cooke at gmail

Website: http://jacecooke.com

Skills: ui/ux, css, js - I also make a mean root beer float.


Name: Kevin Mook

Email: happyg2000@gmail.com

Website: http://www.doink.com/

Skills: Java, Perl, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, rusty C, little bit of Ruby


Name: Andy LeClair

Email: andy.leclair (at) gmail.com

Website: http://andyleclair.com

Skills: Java, Ruby (a smidgen of rails), C#, I can also spin a pretty good set

Interests: Music, music, music, music, oh yeah, MUSIC!


Name: Adam Conroy

Email: adam.conroy (at) gmail.com

Website: http://missingmuse.com

Skills: Java, Ruby (some rails), Python (some django), JavaScript, Actionscript 3, C/C++


Name: Fareed Mosavat

Email: far33d (at) gmail

Website: http://far33d.tumblr.com (woefully out of date)

Skills: Python, Django, Java, C/C++, Actionscript 3, 3D math, enough JS and HTML to get by.


Name: Josh Nichols

Email: josh@technicalpickles.com

Website: blog, twitter, and work

Skills: Ruby, Rails, Linux, Java, Javascript, CSS, hackey sack

Attendence: No, unfortunately. Last minute change of plans


Name: Matt Knox

Email: matthewknox@gmail.com

Website: http://mattknox.com/

Skills: rails, lisp, scheme, smalltalk, jujutsu, javascript, figure skating.


// i'm calling bullshit on the above figure skating claim, and would enjoy being proved wrong thoroughly - jonah


Name: Shimon Rura

Email: shimon@rura.org

Website: http://rura.org/shimon/

Skills: python, django, javascript, database-backed web apps.


Name: Benjamin Berry

Email: benjamin (dot) berry (at) gmail (dot) com

Skills: java, javascript, html


Name: jonah

Email: me @ jonahgoldstein dizzle com

Website: http://jonahgoldstein.com/

Skills: graphic/interface design, actionscript 2/3, jquery, css, some php/mysql essentials, various folk dance forms


Name: Dan Grover

Email: dan@dangrover.com

Website: http://dangrover.com

Skills: Obj-C/Cocoa for iPhone and Mac, Java, PHP, XHTML, CSS, JS, UI design, some Python, Ruby, and Scheme


Name: Mark Bao

Email: mark /art\ markbao.com

Website: http://markbao.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/markbao

Skills: PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, XHTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Internet is Serious Business


Name: Andy Bourassa

Email: andy.bourassa@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/bourassa

Skills: iPhone Development n00b, PHP, MySQL, XHTML/CSS/JS



Name: Nicole Willson

Email: artisticaltruist at gmail dot com

Website: http://wikihow.com/User:Elocina

Twitter: http://twitter.com/3locina

identi.ca: http://identi.ca/elocina

Skills: Wiki markup, Dreamweaver, basic html, content development, editing, brainstorming, fund raising, writing press releases, finding flaws/ways to improve websites



Name: Paul Ingemi

Email: 4 letter command to see if host is up emi at gmail . com

Website: http://paul.bluereboot.net/

Skills: javascript, html, C, python


Name: Evan Burchard

Email: evan dot burchard at gmail dot com

Github: http://github.com/evanburchard

Skills: PHP, Ruby, Rails, Japanese, Music Theory, Blue Magic


Name: Randy Cole

Email: randyokc at gmail dot com

Skills: Linux, SQL


Name: Matt Campbell

Email: mcdh @ lolalabs.com

Skills: Ruby, C++, Objective-C



Name: Patrick Fitzsimmons

Email: patfitz geemail

Website: http://fitzblog.com

Skills: javascript, html, C#, Java, python


Name: Teddy Wing

Email: 06012 at teddywing dot com

Website: http://www.teddywing.com/

Skills: XHTML/CSS, some Java, very limited PHP, languages too? how about French.


Name: Jay Ayres

Email: jayayres (gmail)

Skills: Java, JS, other various languages


Name: Baoqing Ye

Email: (firstName)(lastName)(mail) at gmail

Skills: C++, C, Java, Tcl/Tk, Java Script, CSS, Perl; BREW, Android


Name: Praful Mathur

Email: praful @ ampidea

Website: http://ampidea.com/

Skills: javascript, Python


Name: Sergey Grabkovsky

Email: grabkovksy.s @ gmail.com

Skills: C, Java, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, Scheme


Name: Rob Baker

Email: rrbaker gmail

Website: http://rrbaker.com/

Skills: XHTML/CSS, jQuery, some Django


Name: Roman Dvoskin

Email: romandvoskin gmail

Skills: SQL, VB, C#, rusty Java, econ/financial


Name: Devon Hillard

Email: devon@digitalsanctuary.com

Website: http://www.digitalsanctuary.com/tech-blog/ http://10minutemail.com http://sparkred.com

Skills: Java, JBoss Seam, JSF, ATG, PHP, Oracle, PostgreSQL


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