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Register your project for the Dev House Boston 2 event.


The secret password for editing this page is D3vB0st0n! including the exclamation point at the end.


Step 1: Copy the following text.


 **Name:** Your Name Here
 **Email:** you@somesite.com
 **Project Idea:** All about your project idea...
 **Skills Needed:** Skills needed to complete the project.


Step 2: Edit this page add it to the list of projects.


Projects at Dev House Boston 2:


Name: Mike Walsh

Email: themikewalsh@gmail.com

Project Idea: Do some more brainstorming for the structure and organization of BarCampBoston3

Skills Needed: Attendance at one of the previous BarCamps would help


Name: Jeff Potter

Project Idea: Simple web registration system for Boston-area tech conferences to use

Skills Needed: any of AJAX, PHP, and Graphics coding skills


Name: Michael Feldman


Project Idea: Learning Management Systems these days are massive, full-functioned software suites designed primarily for corporate clients, and require an investment of money and training time beyond the capacity of almost all working teachers. The project is to design the World's Simplest LMS, based on WIKI technology. Desired feature list at dowbrigade.pbwiki.com/WikiLMS

Skills Needed: WIKI programming, WIKICalc, interface design. Note:This project may get off to a slightly late start.....




Name: Ted Gilchrist

Email: egilchri@gmail.com

Project Idea: Speech-enable something. (Talking interface to web registration? Calendar of events? ... Bar Camp Boston talk-back line?)

Skills Needed: VoiceXML, PHP, Brain for Storming



Name: Paul Ingemi (I'm the guy wearing hearing aids... tap my shoulder to get my attention), Dan Grover

Email: ping emi a(gmail)t com

Project Idea: iPhone platformer game using a javascript game engine. During the last Barcamp, I programmed a multiplayer platformer tech demo (read: quick hack), and now seems like a good time to make a real game.

People Needed: (1) Artists with a passion for pixels (2) Coders who jam with physics and collision detection (3) Awesome Python wranglers for backend server code (COMET-style streaming a plus!) (4) Javascripters with a penchant for amazing effects (5) Testers who intend to buy an iPhone

Challenges: (1) Latency's an issue... AJAX isn't good enough on a LAN, so we'd like streaming updates (2) Making a game work with an unreleased product (3) Adding the fun

Code License: All contributors can do whatever they want with the results and are free to license it as they wish.



Name: Will Guaraldi

Email: will.guaraldi@gmail.com

Project: PyBlosxom: http://pyblosxom.sourceforge.net/

Project Idea: Finish up the work for PyBlosxom 1.4. PyBlosxom is a file-based weblog system in the spirit of Blosxom. This isn't glamorous or anything. Most of the work has been done, it just needs to be tested, tweaked, and released. Another possibility is to work on plugins for PyBlosxom.

Skills Needed: Writing tests: Python, nose; Coding: Python, CGI, WSGI, Paste; if you've used PyBlosxom, that's awesome; if not, it's easy to pick it up.

Code License: MIT License


Name: Josh Nichols

Email: josh@technicalpickles.com

Project Idea: A webapp for mapping out the sights, sounds, resturants, bars, etc, of Boston. I imagine something google-map-ish for showing locales, link to existing sources of reviews, menus, etc, and provide other notes, like hours.

Skills Needed: Rails, Javascript, Google Map API, CSS, interface design, intimate familiarity with Boston

Project Page: http://code.google.com/p/where2go/


Name: Daniel Choi

Email: dhchoi@gmail.com

Project Idea: A Ruby on Rails-based personal wiki like Voodoopad (for OS X) and Instiki, but with an up-to-date Ajax/Javascript interface. (Especially in the area of hyperlinking: for example, what if we used Ajax and JS so you could open a virtual window or frame of the target page when you click on a hyperlink, with an accordion effect or something, instead of refreshing a whole page, so you could stay in the context of where you are clicking from. Another idea is to be able to put the page in edit mode without a refresh and super-seamlessly, using JavaScript tricks.) Could be expanded later to incorporate multiusers and permissions but right now, it would be nice just to have a personal wiki I can use to write and organize all my notes on various subjects in. The wiki may also expose multiple Atom feeds by topic, date of last edit/creation, etc. The wiki may also allow round-trip editing of pages in an external editor like Vim (like the way Subversion commits do with log messages).

Skills Needed: Ruby on Rails, MySQL or sqlite3, an Ajax/Javascript library

--Sounds very similar to Solowiki, the open source single-user release of ServerSideWiki, which is a Rails-based client-server implementation of Tiddlywiki. Maybe we could extend that? (It could use an edit history, conflict support, and diffs) --Paul Irish


Name: Steven Bao

Email: steve@stevenbao[.]com

Project Idea: A quick iPhone app as an iPhone applications directory for the upcoming Apple iPhone released in a week or so. I'm not a big fan of it, so stick with me. Later continuing development on Clusters, a group membership, content, and communication webapp.

Skills Needed: PHP, MySQL, Javascript/Ajax.


Name: Colin Nederkoorn

Email: colin@topstartup.com

Project Idea:** Facebook Q&A application. Answered questions are archived, searchable. Unanswered questions go *poof* after 10 minutes.

Skills Needed: PHP / Flash, SQL (I do this!), Facebook Platform understanding

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