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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 9 months ago

Register yourself for the Dev House Boston 2 event (June 24, 2007).


The "secret" password for editing this page is D3vB0st0n! including the exclamation point at the end.


Step 1: Copy the following text.

**Name:** Your Name
**Email:** your@email.com
**Website:** http://yoursite.com/
**Skills:** Your Skills

Step 2: Edit this page and add yourself to the list of people.


People Attending Dev House Boston 2:


Name: Adam Buggia

Email: abuggia --> Gmail

Website: http://www.directathletics.com/ , http://www.crunchtime.com/

Skills: Java, Perl, DHTML, SQL


Name: Brian Del Vecchio

Email: hybernaut+dhb@gmail.com

Website: http://bostonwtf.com/

Skills: showing up


Name: Christefano

Email: http://parahuman.org/contact

Website: http://parahuman.org/about

Skills: Drupal, LAMP, usability and UI design; personal digital fabrication; Mongolian throatsinging


Name: Shimon Rura

Email: shimon@rura.org

Website: http://rura.org/blog/ , http://geeksinboston.com/

Skills: web apps, javascript, python, perl, organizing geek events


Name: Mike Walsh

Email: themikewalsh@gmail.com

Website: http://themikewalsh.com/

Skills: cooking, cleaning, schlepping and redirecting people


Name: Jack Hodgson

Email: jackhodgson@gmail.com

Website: http://techpopuli.net/ , http://jackhodgson.com

Skills: webdev, mysql, vxml, php, aviation


Name: Ted Gilchrist

Email: egilchri@gmail.com

Website: http://www.robocal.com, http://www.botcastbuddy.com

Skills: perl, php, voicexml, text-to-speech


Name: Dan Grover

Email: dan.grover at wonderwarp.com

Website: http://www.wonderwarp.com, http://www.dangrover.com

Skills: php, mysql, xhtml, css, obj-c/cocoa


Name: Ray Deck

Email: ray@element55.com

Website: http://www.raydeck.com/

Skills: php, sql, some other things


Name: Jon Pierce

Email: jonpierce -> gmail

Skills: ruby, rails, java, web dev


Name: Rod Begbie

Email: rod@arsecandle.org

Website: http://groovymother.com/

Skills: Python (currently doing lots with Django), Javascript, Historically Java & C#, Eating Pizza, Trampling on Your Dreams, Breaking Shit.


Name: Critt Jarvis

Email: crittj@gmail.com

Website: http://conversationbase.com/

Skills: Tracking down folks who can do stuff I don't know how to do and don't want to learn.


Name: Dan Pickett

Email: dpickett-at-enlightsolutions.com

Website: http://www.enlightsolutions.com

Skills: RoR, C#, JavaScript, mysql, General Web Dev



Name: Yair Marcow

Email: yair at mavenomics.com

Website: http://www.mavenomics.com

Skills: C++, rusty Java, current C#, perl, SQL, Econ/Finance, server, UI, design, testing, docs, whatever


Name: Topher Cyll

Email: christophercyll at gmail dot com

Website: http://cyll.org/blog/tech

Skills: -


Name Corey Goldberg

Email corey _at_ goldb _dot_ org

Website http://www.goldb.org/

Skills Python, Perl, Java, C#/.NET, Performance/Scalability


Name Jeff Potter

Skills Perl, PHP, Sql, Linux, architecture, etc.

Project Would like to generate a conference registration / mailing list solution for the various boston events


Name: Patrick Fitzsimmons

Email: patfitz06 at gmail dot com

Website http://www.hubspot.com

Skills: Python, C#/ASP.NET, AJAX, UI Design, PHP


Name: Steven Bao

Email: steve @t stevenbao.com

Website http://stevenbao.com

Skills: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, XHTML, CSS, UI Design, socializing, etc


Name: Paul Ingemi

Email: ping emi - gm (com) ail

Website: http://paul.bluereboot.net/

Skills: c, xhtml, css, javascript, embedded devices


Name: Tom Hagen

Email: thomas.michael.hagen@gmail.com

Skills: neural networks, voice recognition


Name: Philipp Hanes

Email: gmail: philipp{dot}hanes

Skills: Perl, DHTML, Java, stuff...


Name: Kent Quirk

Email: kent_quirk at cognitoy{dot}com

Website: http://cognitoy.com/meltingpoint

Skills: Python, game development, C++, graphics, a smattering of web stuff


Name: Michael Feldman

Email: dowbrigade@gmail.com

Website: http://dowbrigade.com/

Skills: teaching. writing, imagining


Name: Julia West

Email: gmail:juliamae

Website: http://rahblah.com

Skills: the many facets of web application development


Name: Matthew C Smith

Email: matt at matthewcsmith.com

Website: http://portfolio.matthewcsmith.com/

Skills: Design (mockups / comps), Business, XHTML, CSS, Web Standards

(Unable to attend. See you at D3P!)


Name: Will Guaraldi

Email: will.guaraldi@gmail.com

Website: http://www.bluesock.org/~willg/

Skills: Python, web-application development, complexification engineerylizing


Name: Ben Zhang

Email: hzhang@law.harvard.edu


Skills: Open Source


Name: Jay Ayres

Email: jayres@cs.stanford.edu


Skills: JSP, EJB, Oracle, PL/SQL, Google Maps, C++



Name: Joshua Nichols

Email: josh@technicalpickles.com

Website: http://www.technicalpickles.com

Skills: Java, J2EE, Ruby,Rails, web development, CSS, Gentoo Linux



Name: Daniel Choi

Email: dhchoi@gmail.com


Skills: ruby, ruby on rails, sql, apple logic pro


Name: Jason Toy

Email: jtoy@rubynow.com

Website: http://rubynow.com/

Skills: open source, ruby


Name: Paul Irish

Email: paul.irish at gmail, obviously.

Website: http://aurgasm.us

Skills: frontend amazingness: usability and interaction, html, css, and javascript (incl. mootools, prototype, scriptaculous, yui, jquery).


Name: Colin Nederkoorn

Email: colin at topstartup dot com

Website: http://topstartup.com/

Skills: nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills. (I want to meet cool RoR people)


Name: Dave Fisher

Email: dave@jazkarta.com

Website: http://www.jazkarta.com/, http://whatisnoise.blogspot.com

Skills: Quickbooks, Drum machines


Name: Ivan Kirigin

Email: ivan.kirigin@gmail.com

Website: www.kirigin.com

Skills: Python, Django, JavaScript, C++

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